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Do you need a website to be a successful streamer? No, you really don’t. Do you need a website as you grow? Yes, you do. There’s really no question there if you want to get serious about brand awareness and being able to have full control over your marketing.

You need to have your own domain/server

These are two key things when it comes to having control over how people find you and your content. For this, you’re going to need a website. Long gone are the days when people said, “Oh no, all you need is a Facebook page.” As Google has taken over how we find things and how things find their way into Google, now or any other service that Google might present in the future. When you have control over your content you will have the ability to be found a lot easier. You can create content that would be interesting to your current audience and, even more important, your future audience. How do I know this? Well, you can search for “Twitch branding” on Google and you can see what is ranked at number 2 right below the official Twitch website (I probably won’t beat that… but I can try).

“I can’t afford it!”

If you can afford to stream you can afford to have a website. Let’s get this right, getting a website costs you around $30 a year, that’s $0,008 a day, and that’s with a domain name included. You may be thinking to yourself, “But I can’t make one, and that costs money,” that may be the case, but it doesn't have to cost you so much if anything depending on how serious you are about being a professional, and doing some research.

The content on the site

The easy way out is to embed your stream and write a small bit about yourself. The more information you have in your "about me" the better, and it will become even better if you can include a blog or a page where you can put highlights or clips from your stream. If that's not your style, then why not consider including some fan-art, perhaps a schedule, pc specs, rules, social media links, tip appreciation, user generated content, community pages, contact form, polls etc. The point is, that you can be creative and make your site more professional to capture the attention of your audience.


Assistance can be key. You can do it yourself and struggle if your a beginner or you can hire someone like myself to help. I don't always charge for my services, but if I did, I normally wouldn't charge an inconsiderable amount. I look at it as a win-win situation where I earn a small amount of revenue from working with you all the while gaining a new client and in return, you gain the ability to show off to your viewers and provide extra features that you couldn't before. I can assist with domain registry, domain setup, web hosting, web design, editing, and just about anything needed to ensure that you get a professional website up and running in no time.

Web Hosting

Private Professional Web Hosting. Manage your website yourself or for a little more let me take care of everything for you.

1 Page Streamer Package

$2.00 -> $8.00 USD Per Month

1 Page Streamer Website - Single Domain - Unmetered Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificate - Professional Email Address Un-Managed $2.00/mo* / Managed $8.00/mo*

Multi-Page Streamer Package

$4.00 -> $10.00 USD Per Month

Multi-Page Streamer Website - Single Domain - Unmetered Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificate - Professional Email Address Un-Managed $4.00/mo* / Managed $10.00/mo*

CMS Package

$10.00 -> $25.00 USD Per Month

CMS Website - Single Domain - Unmetered Bandwidth - Free SSL Certificate - Up to 10 Professional Email Address - 3 MySQL Databases - Un-Managed $10.00/mo* / Managed $25.00/mo*

Contact Me for More

Private means Private. I use Paypal directly because it is a secure and safe form of payment that insures that neither I, nor your information gets compromised during transaction. In fact, because I use Paypal directly, I won't ever have access to your payment information. Once again, this is to insure your security and mine. I set all accounts up manually and monitor using additional software on my end to make sure everything is always running smoothly, and that no one is abusing the system. I provide free SSL so that you can also protect your visitors and yourself when it comes to your website. Account requests may take me up to 24 hours to respond to. The fastest way to contact me is
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