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About Mundo's Reptiles

I've always loved reptiles. I've owned a wide variety over the years. My love is Ball Pythons and Tortoises. You can call me a new kid on the block but I have goals and I will be working very hard to achieve them.
So my start off in the world of breeding ball pythons is starting off with the goal of selling visuals. I'm working on selling off Pastel breeds at a low price to other breeders. I am looking to each clutch upgrade and or buy more equipment to do bigger and better things with each breeding season. Visual breeds are easy to sell for the right price to the everyday person wanting to own a pet ball python. Am I trying to get right? Answer is no. Just having fun and trying to get my hobby to pay for itself and just a little extra.

My Story

Well, it’s been most of my life I have had a love for reptiles. As a kid growing up in the country I always dreamed of catching and getting to keep a box turtle, as most of my friends had. Sadly I never caught one and I guess it was for the best at the time. In middle school and high school, I was always bringing home domesticated breed animals and wild-caught. Even brought home a wild copperhead once when I was 13, not knowing what it was, I managed to not give my mother a heart attack and let it loose without getting bit. In high school I had been breeding hamsters for a long time, hell at one point I had 12 tanks in my bedroom all breeding. I sold them as pets and feeders to a few people. I at one point had to literally just give em away I had so many but it was okay. LOL. I at the same time had been raising green snakes, rat snakes, and a king snake without anyone in the house knowing. I was doing it all out of one of our sheds in the back yard. XD

Anyway, In 2018 I went to Mayo's Morph's looking around, My wife wanted a snake, and there that same day I saw the last little red foot tortoise in the store. I had to have it! So I struck a deal with the wife and bang, My addiction began. A year later I obtained a ball python of my own. A few months after that I obtained a few more. Now here it is April 2020 and I’m ready next season to start breeding. In the last two years, I have been working on and off with many breeders learning and making deals so that when my time came I was ready.

So wish me luck for a great 2021.


The name may say reptiles but it's not all I do. Anything reptiles related, such as mice, rats, cages, tanks, and other supplies I also work with. No, I am not a distributor or keep a lot on hand but I know people who do and can assist with finding you the right deal for the right price if I don't have spare merch to sell.


Feel free to contact me any time, the fastest way to contact me is My Facebook Page.

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