Passionate Game Streamer, Father, Web Designer.

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I love games, and I love streaming my game plays. I stream on many website but for the best you might want to fallow me on Twitch.TV


Who am I?

I am a dedicated father, husband, gamer, and most of all a goof. I enjoy making people laugh, smile, and dance. I like to troll peoples minds with music. So beware, I will play music randomly that will get stuck in the back of your head. XD.

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Some of my Favorite Games

The games listed above are just a few of my favorite games. I play a lot more than listed. My collection is now over 300 just for PC paid and unpaid games. So hit me up if youd like to invite me to a game or join me. I enjoy meeting and playing games with new people, but beware! I do get pissy at times and complain when things don't go my way.

My Youtube Channel

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Partners, Teams, ect.


Best friend, Also reffered to as my sister.
Badass logo and graphics designs.
Reine did all my art. Check her out for all your logo and emotes needs.


I am a long time member and full supporter of the team Lurkforce. They are full of fellow supportes, lurkers, followers and much more. Stop and check them out, and enjoy the wide veriaty of streamers they support.

CR PC Repair & Web Management

My personal online business used for finding extra work. Hey send me out to McDonalds you know! I provide Web Hosting (managed and unmanaged), Domain Management, PC Training, PC Repair and Modification.